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Dr. Brian Bantum - April 30, 2023

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As we’ve begun our series on “Nothing Wasted,” we’ve begun to look at our relationship to creation. Paul says that "all creation is groaning.” We feel this pain all too well. In the face of the pain, in the midst of just trying to survive, we can find ourselves accumulating things as a way of coping or surviving or creating some ease—and this adds to pain of creation itself. It feels like a never-ending cycle. But it’s never just as simple as “escaping from worldly things.” Join us as Dr. Brian Bantum discusses the questions of what our relationship should be to creation, to God, to each other, and to the things we’ve surrounded ourselves with. And what does it look like to say "nothing is wasted" in our lives together?

Scripture References: Romans 8:12-30

From Series: "Nothing Wasted"

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