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(Postponed, future date announced soon!) QueerPlus Quarterly Gathering

A message from Director Terry

Hey, Beautiful QueerPlus People,As the holidays approach and we plan to be with the families of our choosing, I am praying for God’s love and shalom to be near, touching the tender parts of our spirits that hold the joys and pain of the season. In full transparency, this season is undoubtedly taking a grievous toll on my body, spirit, and mind, so I covet your prayers, too, friends and siblings.

Important note about our scheduled gathering! Beloveds, during a prayerful chat with Pastor Brenda, we discerned the need to postpone our QueerPlus Gathering this Sunday, December 10, 2023. You’ll receive information and updates regarding our 2024 QueerPlus Gathering in the coming weeks. I promise, it will be spectacular!
Yes—like all of you, we were excited to create space for conversation, vision casting, and celebration. As we enter the hustle of the season, however, we sense that a gathering in 2024 might serve better our hope of co-creating a space of care and intentionality where we’re doing ministry with integrity, clarity, and defined expectations. I believe 2024 will be a phenomenal year for us, and I can hardly wait to gather!


Oct 26 2023


8:00 am - 6:00 pm
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