Faith + Immigration Resources & Action Steps

In October of 2013, Quest Church co-hosted an event with several partners exploring the important and complex topic of how our faith informs our views on Immigration Advocacy. Here is a link to the video recording of the event.

As this conversation continues around this discipleship issue within the church and community, we are linking some of our favorite resources, websites, and partner information here in order to provide some easy-to-use entry points to engage this issue beyond a one-time event.

We pray you will be part of helping continue this conversation around faith and immigration advocacy so that we can learn and witness more faithfully together.

Immigration Advocacy Conversation:

Handouts – particular to Quest’s Event on October 2, 2013

If You Are Being Affected by Immigration Law, ICE, Need Family Support:

A Biblical Framework for Understanding Immigration:

Questions/Critiques About Immigration & Politics:

Advocacy Options Toward Immigration Reform:

Partners to Learn From: