Faith & Race and Education Resources 

Having conversations about faith & race is important in the discipleship and formation of our children too. Even with this as a value, it can be hard to find resources and materials that represent a variety of stories. Our Faith & Race Action Team took time to compile a list (although certainly not exhaustive) of resources for parents to use as they engage in this important conversation with parents and children.


Despite the Best Intentions: How Racial Inequality Thrives in Good Schools by Amanda E. Lewis, John B. Diamond

Inequality in the Promised Land: Race, Resources, and Suburban Schooling by R. L’Heureux Lewis McCoy

The Asian-American Achievement Paradox by Jennifer Lee and Min Zhou


Recent News and Trends
Seattle Schools Have the Biggest White-Black Achievement Gap | Seattle Times
2,000 Seattle Teachers Wear ‘Black Lives Matter’ Shirts to Class  | Seattle Times
As Students of Color Surpass Whites, a Closer Look at Numbers | NBC News

Race & Pedagogy: Where Are the Teachers of Color?
More Minority Students, Fewer Teachers of Color | The Atlantic
America’s Extreme Need for More Black Male Educators | Ebony
A Black Principal Says What It Takes to Produce More Black Teachers | Catalyst Chicago

Race & Pedagogy: Preparing POC vs White Students
Even The White House Is over Asians Being Labeled as the “Model Minority” | Huffington Post
10 Ways Well-Meaning White Teachers Bring Racism into Our Schools | Everyday Feminism

Housing/Resource Impact on Race & Education

Race is Always the Issue | The Atlantic

My Fargo: A Writer Reflects on Her Experience Growing up as One of the Very Few Asian Americans in her Hometown in North Dakota | The Atlantic
Choosing a School for My Daughter in a Segregated City  | New York Times Magazine
NAACP Members Call for Ban on Privately Managed Charter Schools | The Washington Post
[PODCAST] Ep 562: The Problem We All Live With | This American Life (on integration and desegregation)

Diversity & Inclusion in Schools
How Racially Diverse Schools and Classrooms Can Benefit All Students | The Century Foundation
Do Diversity Initiatives Indirectly Discriminate Against Asian Americans? | The Atlantic

Race & Discipline
Race Dramatically Skews Discipline, Even in Elementary School | Seattle Times
Highline District Struggles with Fallout after Limiting Student Suspensions | Seattle Times

Talking about Race
What Happens When Minority Kids Are Taught Not to Talk about Race | New York Magazine


Amazing New Tool Lets You See the Racial Disparities at Your Old High School | Business Insider
*Tool found here:

How Racially Diverse Is Your School? Use Our Tool to Find out | Seattle Times

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