Welcome to Milestones! Milestones is our framework to partner with parents and caregivers to create family spaces of connection and interdependence while growing in our understanding of what it means to live as people marked by a life of discipleship to Christ.  In our desire to raise a Jesus-loving generation, what are the ways of being that we are committed to?  We explore these through celebrating key transitions, significant spiritual moments, and life milestones.


Milestone 1: Calling
Who: Parents of babies
When: Sunday morning
The Baby Baptism/Dedication Class is offered quarterly for parents who are planning to baptize or dedicate their young child at Quest.  More information HERE.



Milestone 2: Blessing

Who: Parents of toddlers
When: Sunday morning
What: A
seminar on establishing a faith foundation for your child that is built on unconditional love and acceptance



Milestone 3: Shaping
Who: Parents of preschoolers
When: Sunday morning; Saturday class (4 weeks)
What: A seminar for parents focusing on connecting parenting skills, discipline, and behavior management with parent-child connection, affirmation, and shepherding kids as young disciples



Milestone 4: Identity Forming
Who: Parents of preschoolers & grade schoolers
When: Saturday
A seminar to equip parents for conversations about race, identity, privilege, and reconciliation; laying foundations for biblical justice and how to live out Micah 6:8 as a family; suggestions and resources for having faith conversations at home, and how to teach faithful discipleship to Jesus through justice and reconciliation


Milestone 5: Faith Forming
Who: Parents of Pre-K & kindergarteners
When: Saturday/Sunday
A seminar that highlights ways to make God the center in your family


Milestone 6: Bible Reading
Who:  3rd graders and their parents
When: Sunday morning
Teaching and training for kids and parents on how to read and understand Scripture, both in the context of community and as individuals



Milestone 7: Preparing
Who: 5th graders and their parents
When: Saturday
A one-day retreat where parents and preteens are prepared for the transition to adolescence



Milestone 8: Discipling
Who: 8th graders and older, mentors, and parents
Teaching and training for kids and parents on how to read and understand Scripture, both in th econtext of community and as individuals



Milestone 9: Partnering
Who: Students who have completed the Discipleship/Confirmation Class
Students participate in a Membership Class at Quest with their parents or adult mentor (even if the adult has already gone through the membership process). Our dream is that our teens will begin to partner fully with the larger body of Christ, enjoying not just the youth ministry but all the ministries at Quest.



Milestone 10: Embarking

Who: 12th graders
What: Students take an afternoon and evening to talk about important aspects of cultivating a lifestyle of Christianity as a young adult out of high school. We will conclude with a dinner for parents and students that will consist of great food and a sweet time of prayer.