This is the incredible story of the merger between two different churches in Seattle, Washington: Quest Church and Interbay Covenant Church.

Quest was an urban, multiethnic churchplant that started in 2001. They rented the facilities at Interbay Covenant Church – a predominantly older, mostly Anglo congregation with a rich 65 year-old history. After some time, Pastor Ray Bartel (senior pastor, Interbay) approached Pastor Eugene Cho (senior pastor, Quest) with a “crazy idea” of Interbay “dying to itself and giving itself to Quest” for the sake of the greater Kingdom and the coming generations.

This eventually led to three years of many conversations and prayers. On June 3, 2007, the two churches officially came together to become one church. In giving itself, Interbay also shared their leadership, legacy, and stories. They also gave all of their assets including a building that was worth $7 million dollars – without any strings and without any debt.

Their radical generosity and courage is what enabled Quest to grow – not just numerically – but deeper in discipleship, and deeper in missions – to the city of Seattle and beyond.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of this merger, we created this short film to tell the story – so that our church and the next generations may never forget and that the larger Church may be stirred and encouraged by a greater Kingdom vision.

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seattlequestThe Incredible Story of the Merger between Quest & Interbay