This season, we are sending out a Scripture passage each day along with a prompts from a pastor or staff member.

Engage in Discipleship Together

We’re excited to embark on this Lenten Scripture Reading journey together. This season, we are emailing out a Sripture passage each day (except Sundays, which are considered “Mini Easters”). Along with the Scripture passage, a pastor or staff member will offer one of the following prompts for all of us to reflect on as a response to the readings:

  • a word
  • a question
  • or an invitation to an activity.

This year, we will also focus on various spiritual disciplines every week and ask that we try to engage it with our readings and personal reflections as we each see fit.

How long is LENT?

February 18 – Saturday, April 4 

Please feel free to sign up at any time during the season.

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