In 2016, as part of our year-long theme of ON MISSION, we embarked on an initiative called “Joining God’s Mission: 52 Weeks of Generosity.” Every week, Quest selected one recipient that shares in our vision and mission and that reflects what God is doing in “Jerusalem (Seattle), Judea (Pacific Northwest), Samaria (areas of Reconciliation), and the ends of the earth (global),” (Acts 1:8). We invested $1000, shared their story, celebrated its work, and prayed for God’s ongoing work through that mission partner.

Here is the list of the 52 mission partners we highlighted.  We encourage you to look through each one, and feel free to visit their websites (located in the description section) for ways to learn more and/or to connect.  May you be blessed in the work that God is doing in our city, nation, and world.


WEEK 1: The John Perkins Center for Reconciliation, Leadership Training, and Community Development
Founded in 2004, the John Perkins Center for Reconciliation, Leadership Training, and Community Development at SPU became a first-of-its-kind partnership among the John Perkins Foundation of Jackson, Mississippi, Seattle Pacific University, and Christian community leaders throughout the Pacific Northwest. Their vision is to see generations of global urban leaders, organizations, and institutions engaging the culture and changing the world by modeling reconciliation and contributing to community health and wholeness.
Visit their website.

WEEK 2: Andrew Larsen, Peace Catalyst International
Andy works as a consultant with churches and non-profit groups seeking to understand the “other” (particularly Muslims) and empower peacemaking initiatives. He uses photography, relationship building, and a growing network among Muslim, Christian, and advocacy groups to build bridges between divergent communities. Serving with Peace Catalyst International, he also works to host “peace feasts,” multi-faith dialogue, and advocacy for the vulnerable in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.  Visit his website.

WEEK 3: John & Jenn Chen, Chiang-Mai, Thailand
John & Jenn minister in Chiang-Mai, Thailand, working with local leaders in the areas of spiritual and leadership development.

WEEK 4: The Ballard Food Bank
086The Ballard Food Bank’s mission is to bring food and hope to our neighbors…because there can be enough for everyone. To achieve their mission, they provide access to nutritious foods and services that support self-sufficiency through our food bank, home delivery, and weekend food for kids program, as well as emergency financial assistance.  Find out more at their website.

WEEK 5: Marshaé Sylvester
MarshaeMarshaé works with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship on the campus of the University of Washington.  She oversees Black Campus Ministries.  Visit her website.

WEEK 6: Christian Chin
Christian CChristian works with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship on the campus of the University of Washington.  He oversees the Asian American IV Chapter.  Visit his website.

WEEK 7: ECC: LMDJ Domestic Disaster Relief
1799The LMDJ Domestic Disaster Response is supporting Flint, MI amidst their water crisis. LMDJ is a part of our denomination, The Evangelical Covenant Church.

WEEK 8: Jean-Luc & Shabrae Krieg, Mexico City, Mexico
KRIEGSThe Krieg family focuses on holistic community transformation, church planting, advocacy & equipping urban leaders to become change agents in Mexico City.  Visit their website.

WEEK 9: Chamwino Connect, Chamwino, Tanzania
Chamwino - TanzaniaQuesters visit, support, and learn from our sister church in Chamwino.  This specific gift was designated for the Barbara Lundquist Endowment for Education.  Find out more at their website.

WEEK 10: The Trevor Project, Los Angeles, CA
In response to the tragic shooting that occurred in Orlando, FL on June 12, we’ve donating funds to The Trevor Project.  The Trevor Project is a non-profit which provides counseling and support to LGBTQ youth who are suicidal, depressed or in crisis.  For more information, visit their website.WHITE_SPACER

WEEK 11: Eastside Academy, Bellevue & Redmond, WA
eastside_academyEastside Academy is a non-profit, alternative high school. Our mission is inspiring change in the lives of at-risk youth through high school education, counseling, recovery, housing, and life skills programs in a Christ-centered environment.  Find out more at their website.

WEEK 12: St. Luke‘s Episcopal Church Feeding program
StLukesFor over 25 years, St. Luke’s has been welcoming and serving anyone who needs a meal in their church basement. Each weekday morning, a ministry team opens their doors, prepares coffee and food (all of which has been donated), and offers a meal, a cup of coffee, and a warm place to enjoy them to everyone who shows up. For more information, visit their website.

WEEK 13: SEA Justice Conference
JGM_SEAJSEA JUSTICE is a one-day event in Seattle, designed to inspire and equip high school and college students to live out justice in their daily lives. For more information about this inspiring movement, visit their website.


WEEK 14: Common Ground Covenant Church, Jackson, MS
JGM_COMMONGROUNDCommon Ground Covenant Church is an intentional diverse missional community creating a passionate movement, transforming lives, by creating disciples who make disciple-makers who express God’s love to all.  For more information, visit their website.


WEEK 15: Cascades Camp, Yelm, WA
JGM_CASCADESAs a nonprofit camping ministry, Cascades Camp and Conference Center has helped people of all ages open their hearts to experience new life in Christ. With its pristine beauty and peaceful, protected setting in the shadow of Mt. Rainier, children and adults alike can take a break from the struggles of everyday life, find hope, and renew their faith in Jesus Christ. For more information, visit their website.

WEEK 16: Iglesia Nueva Vision, Aloha, OR
JGM_IGLESIAIgelisa Nueva Visión is a new church plant in Beaverton, OR.  As a sister Covenant Church, we are grateful for their love of the Gospel, serving their city, and raising up a new generation of followers of Christ. For more information, visit their Facebook Page.

WEEK 17: World Relief, Seattle, WA
1_JGM_WOLRD_RELIEFWorld Relief Seattle has worked since 1979 to empower the local Church to serve refugees and immigrants in the Greater Seattle Area. Originally founded to care for those fleeing war in Southeast Asia, we have since grown to resettle refugees from almost 50 countries. We are encouraged by the many businesses, service agencies, and individuals who use their resources and ingenuity to enhance the lives of refugees throughout Western Washington.  Be sure to visit their website to find out more.


WEEK 18: Bread for the World

1_JGM_BREADBread for the World Institute provides nonpartisan policy analysis on hunger and strategies to end it. The Institute has been educating opinion leaders, policymakers, and the public about hunger in the United States and abroad since 1975.

Find out more at their website.

WEEK 19: Kingdom work in North Korea

JGM_NORTH-KOREAQuest is committed to seeing the Gospel advance in North Korea.  Our dear brother in the Gospel, Kenneth Bae, spoke at Quest in May 2016 sharing his powerful story and deep love for the people of N. Korea.
Watch his incredible story here.

WEEK 20: Elijah Warren

JGM_ELIJAHWARRENWe are grateful for our brother Elijah Isaiah Warren and his upcoming work in the Dominican Republic. Elijah: we are praying for you and sending our blessings for your faithful service.

WEEK 21: Lloyd and Bobbie Diester

JGM_DIESTER_MAINWe are grateful for our long-standing partnership in the Gospel with Lloyd and Bobbie Diester. After spending 48 years in the mission field, Lloyd and Bobbie continue to partner through praying for Quest each day.Lloyd & Bobbie: we honor and thank God for you and your example of what it means to be faithful in the Gospel of Christ.

WEEK 22: Bob and Grace Shim, Thailand

JGM_SHIMSBob & Grace Shim serve in Thailand, serving in the capacity of holistic community development, public health, and member care. We are deeply grateful for their incredible ministry with them! We look forward to visiting them again next year! For more information on our Thailand 2017 trip, visit our site.

WEEK 23: D.A.D.S., Seattle, WA
Divine Alternatives for Dads Services (D.A.D.S.) carries out a vision to model healthy relationships as a means of creating healthier fathers and families.
To stop the cycle of family violence and brokenness in order to improve the lives of children. To encourage fathers to become agents of change in their communities. out more, visit their website.


WEEK 24: First A.M.E. Church, Seattle, WA
First African Methodist Episcopal Church (FAME), in Seattle, Washington is the oldest church founded by African Americans in the City.  In 1886, Seaborn J. Collins organized a small Sunday school band of people who had found their way to Seattle. From humble beginnings, these pioneers  of faith laid a foundation that now boasts well over 1,000 members and ministries that serve the poor and the disenfranchised, as well as an emergent middle class of multi-ethnic, social conscious, politically active, and spiritually thriving intergenerational people of faith.  We are grateful for their important ministry in Seattle! Find out more at their website.

WEEK 25: St. Thomas Covenant Church, Salem, OR

St. Thomas Covenant Church is a new church-plant in Salem, OR.  Their mission is to reframe timeless Christian truths & practices in a language and style that makes sense today, and to wrestle honestly with how those truths & practices impacts lives now. They feel called to reach those who have been let down by the Church and invite them home; to develop healthy followers of Jesus; and to transform our neighborhoods into loving, safe, and welcoming communities. For more info, visit their website.


WEEK 26: Mending Wings, Yakima, WA
JGM_MENDINGWINGSMending Wings exists to EMPOWER Native American youth and families to WALK TOGETHER in wholeness and beauty, HONOR Creator through our cultures and lives, HEAL with the help of programs that facilitate wholeness, and SHARE with others the life-changing hope we find as followers of the Jesus way, in a culturally relevant way. For more information, visit their website.


WEEK 27: Hope For Life, Rwanda, Africa
JGM_HFLHope for Life is a faith-based organization that empowers youth in Rwanda to escape homelessness by providing housing, education, and counseling. They seek to make a sustainable impact through reconciling families and improving their long-term standard of living. For more information, visit their website.


WEEK 28: Keith & Lynn Tungseth, Seattle, WA
JGM_KTBreakthrough Partners mission is to make strategic connections locally and internationally. They are always working towards “building churches that rebuild communities.”. For more information, visit their website.


WEEK 29: PNW Conference: Church Planters’ Cohort
JGM_PNW-CPChurch planters hold a special place in our hearts at Quest. We’ve designated ways to support for the 15 new church plants in the PNW Conference. WHITE_SPACER

WEEK 30: İzmit Protestan Kilisesi, İzmit, Turkey 
JGM_IZMITThe İzmit Protestan Kilisesi is a church located in İzmit Turkey led by faithful brothers and sisters sharing the Good News of Christ in a country of 74 million that has less than 6,000 Christians.


WEEK 31: CCDA, Chicago, IL
JGM_CCDAThe Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) is a network of Christians committed to seeing people and communities wholistically restored. They believe that God wants to restore us not only to right relationship with Himself but also with our own true selves, our families and our communities. Not just spiritually, but emotionally, physically, economically, and socially. Not by offering mercy alone, but by undergirding mercy with justice. This is an incredible organization and we are blessed to be sending several of our staff members to their annual conference! For more info, check out their website.


WEEK 32: Puentes & Alexia Salvatierra
JGM_PUENTESPuentes mobilizes mental health resources to help undocumented migrants and their families cope and flourish despite our broken immigration system. They create innovative therapeutic spaces to promote the recovery of social agency, social healing, and organize our communities towards collective immigration justice in the United States. For more info, check out their website.

Rev. Alexia Salvatierra inspires and equips religious leaders for a deeper level of engagement and effectiveness, drawing on her own history of highly effective leadership. She is one of very few mentor-consultants who is able to link a strong theological grounding to a strong strategic focus. For more information, visit her website.


WEEK 33: Seattle Urban Academy, Seattle, WA
jgm_suaSeattle Urban Academy is devoted to the education and transformation of high school youth. SUA delivers academic intensive care with rigorous academic standards and practices to equip students to graduate prepared for higher education. SUA is committed to student-centered development focused on socio-emotional, spiritual, academic, and career growth. SUA is committed to graduating whole and healthy young men and women with the academic mastery to further their education at a higher level and secure meaningful employment. For more info, please visit their websiteand watch Joshua’s story.


WEEK 34: NW Young Life, Seattle, WA
jgm_ylWe are grateful for our JGM partnership with NW Seattle Young Life andBlake Raney! Their mission is to introduce adolescents to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith. Their goal is to increase the number of kids they reach by inspiring, training and mobilizing volunteer leaders and committee. For more info, visit their website.


WEEK 35: Speak Up For the Poor, Bangladesh
jgm_suftpQuest is grateful for our partnership with Speak Up For the Poor (Speak Up – Girls Education Program)! Speak Up exists to transform the world on behalf of the poor. Their mission is to create a new reality for girls in poverty. They pursue this mission by building an international network of Justice Centers which speak up for the poor, particularly girls in poverty. For more information, check out their website.


WEEK 36: Urban Impact, Seattle, WA
Founded in 1987 to address the complex realities of urban poverty in Seattle’s Rainier Valley, Urban Impact was built on the principles of Christian Community Development and a unique relationship with two neighborhood churches, Emerald City Bible Fellowship and Rainier Avenue Church.  Focused on strengthening families and raising leaders, Urban Impact partnered with people in the neighborhood to address issues surrounding education, youth development, family, health, economic stability and racial reconciliation. Generational poverty has social, material and spiritual implications. Breaking it requires a holistic approach that addresses both the personal and systemic challenges of poverty.  For more information, visit their website.


WEEK 37: International Justice Mission
jgm_ui-2We are grateful for our partnership with theInternational Justice Mission! The IJM is an incredible global organization that protects the poor from violence in the developing world. So far, they have rescued more than 25,000 people from violence and oppression, and, today, their work is helping to protect 21 million people globally from violence. To find out more, be sure to visit their website.


WEEK 38: Lynnwood-Terrace Young Life with Phil Magnenat
Quest is grateful for our partnership with Phil Magnenat and his work with Lynnwood-Terrace Young Life!! Young Life’s multicultural ministry, focused on kids in diverse cultural communities and those in economically-depressed areas, is arguably the largest of its kind in the United States. They refer to their ministry to kids with disabilities as Capernaum and to our work with teen moms as YoungLives. In a partnership with Military Community Youth Ministries, Young Life reaches military teens through a program called Club Beyond. The Small Towns initiative brings Young Life to communities of fewer than 25,000 people. To learn more about their ministry, visit their websiteWHITE_SPACER

 WEEK 39: Covenant World Relief, Annual Sharing the Harvest “Apple Sale”
apple-sale-1Sharing the Harvest is a mission venture of the churches of the Pacific Northwest Conference (ECC), facilitated byWiley Heights Covenant Church, in support of projects through Covenant World Relief / Food Resource Bank. They work to demonstrate God’s love through sharing the harvest.

This will be the fifth year that Pacific Northwest Conference Churches will be raising funds for a research and training farm in the Central African Republic that is supported by Covenant World Relief and Covenant World Mission.  For more information, visit their website.

WEEK 40: PNWC, Evangelical Covenant Church
jgm_pnwcQuest is grateful to be a part of the PNWC, Evangelical Church.  The PACNWC is comprised of churches in the northwest region of the United States.  Most of our churches are located in Washington and Oregon, with limited coverage in Idaho and Montana.  To find out more information, visit their website.


WEEK 41: Mien Christian Youth Association, Seattle, WA
The Mien Christian Youth Association is interchurch leaders who envision a discipleship movement to empower the local Mien church in reaching the next generation. To learn more, visit their website.


WEEK 42: Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, Seattle, WA
NWIRP promotes justice through defending and advancing the rights of immigrants through direct legal services, systemic advocacy, and community education. They serve more than 10,000 individuals from more than 130 countries each year. For information about their important work, be sure to visit their website.


WEEK 43: Bridge Disability Ministries, Bellevue, WA
Bridge Disability Ministries honors the God-given dignity of people living with disabilities. They seek to build relationships among people of all abilities to alleviate isolation and enrich our churches and communities. To find out more about this amazing ministry, visit their website.


WEEK 44: World Impact, Exec. Director Rev. Efrem Smith
World Impact is a Christian missions organization committed to facilitating church-planting movements by evangelizing, equipping and empowering America’s unchurched urban poor. To find out more about this amazing ministry, visit their website.


WEEK 45: Hannah Joseph, International Justice Mission
So far, IJM has rescued more than 25,000 people from violence and oppression; and, today, their work is helping to protect 21 million people globally from violence. To learn more about IJM, visit their website.


WEEK 46: New Horizons, Seattle, WA
Since their inception in 1978 in downtown Seattle, New Horizons has connected youth experiencing homelessness to resources they need to exit street life through basic services and positive relationships. To find out more about New Horizons, be sure to visit their website.


WEEK 47: World Concern, Seattle, WA
World Concern is a Christian global relief and development agency extending opportunity and hope to people facing extreme poverty. For more information about their important work, visit their website.


WEEK 48: Union Gospel Mission, Seattle, WA
Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission provides emergency care and long-term recovery services to hurting and homeless people in the greater Seattle area. They’re dedicated to serving, rescuing and transforming those in greatest need through the grace of Jesus Christ. For more information, visit their website.

WEEK 49: Fostering Together, Western Washington State
Developed in partnership between the state of Washington and Olive Crest – a national leader in transforming the lives of at-risk children since 1973 – the program aims to ensure safe, loving foster families are available to meet the diverse needs of abused and neglected youth. At Fostering Together, they strive to increase the number of foster families across Western Washington, help families with the licensing process, and provide ongoing support to ensure their success. For more information, visit their website.

WEEK 50: Bethlehem Bible College, Bethlehem, Palestine
We are grateful for our partnership with them and the important work they do in Palestine! BBC exists to train people to serve Christ in the world, advocate a Palestinian evangelical perspective, and to model Christ through community development. God is using this school in mighty ways, and we encourage you to find out more on their website.

WEEK 51: Karen Community Church of Greater Seattle
The Karen Community Church of Greater Seattle is one that actively cares for its community, as evidenced by its outreach, community involvement, and making its God given resources available to hospitably welcome the surrounding community. God is doing incredible things through this church community, and we are tremendously blessed by them. For more info, visit their Facebook Page.

WEEK 52: World Vision, Syrian Refugee Support
World Vision is an international partnership of Christians whose mission is to follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in working with the poor and oppressed to promote human transformation, seek justice, and bear witness to the good news of the Kingdom of God.  For more information, visit their website.

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