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Quest has a cohort focused on refugee and immigration-related issues as they develop and progress. This cohort serves as a central connection point for Questers to stay engaged through prayer, education, experiences, sharing resources, and developing partnerships. The cohort meets roughly every other month for casual conversation, prayer, and resource sharing.  SIGN UP HERE.

Below are some key ideas for how to continue engaging this discipleship issue within the church and community, which we pray will serve as easy-to-use entry points to what can be a fluctuating and complex ministry area. The following resources will direct you toward ways you can learn about, advocate for, and reach out to immigrant and refugee communities. There are also some legal resources from trusted sources for those interested in using or sharing those listed right at the top.



Quest and Immigration

  • See how Quest has engaged conversations on the important and complex topic of how our faith informs our views on Immigration Advocacy by watching this video of an event co-hosted by Quest in 2013 and looking over the Event Program.
  • You can also use the Next Steps Action Sheet and Eileen Scuico’s Immigration: Ways to Act powerpoint to translate these principles into action.
  • More information about the theological framework behind Quest’s immigration work can be found HERE.

A Biblical Framework

  • ECC’s 2013 Resolution on Immigration
  • Bible verses relating to immigration from World Relief, and a more comprehensive list from
  • Scriptures and video for a 40-day “I Was a Stranger…” challenge.
  • Welcoming the Stranger: Justice, Compassion & Truth in the Immigration Debate (Matthew Soerens and Jenny Hwang)
  • Galilean Journey: The Mexican-American Promise (Virgilio P. Elizondo)
  • The Future is Mestizo: Life Where Cultures Meet (Virgilio P. Elizondo)
  • Who Is My Neighbor: Christian Faith and Social Action (Justo Gonzalez and Virgilio Elizondo)

Immigration and the Church

The Immigrant Experience

  • Seeking Refuge: On the Shores of the Global Refugee Crisis (World Relief)
  • Trails of Hope and Terror: Testimonies on Immigration (Miguel A. De La Torre)
  • Film: Dying to Live: A Migrant’s Journey

Curriculum for Group Study


Spread your voice by making a public declaration of a faith-based stance on immigration at the following sites:


Quest Mission Partners include World Relief Seattle, Alexia Salveterria, and Puentes in South Park. Connect with them, or with these organizations for additional ways you can pray, learn, advocate, volunteer, or provide financial support:

  • World Relief Seattle – Supports immigrants and refugees in the Seattle area.
  • Alexia Salvatierra – Reverend, advocate, and national advocacy trainer, author of “Faith-Rooted Advocacy.”
  • Puentes – South Park non-profit that supports women and immigrants locally and those impacted by the Tacoma Detention Center.
  • Northwest Immigrant Rights Project (NWIRP) – Supporting refugee and immigrant families in the PNW, the NWIRP hotline (1-800-445-5771) helps provide timely, direct legal aid to those who are eligible (based on income).
  • – a culture-shaping movement seeking to equip the next generation of Christian leaders for an effective, biblical response to immigration.
  • ONE America – Does community organizing and advocacy in Washington State.
  • WA Immigrant Solidarity Network – A network of partners and resources for advocating for immigrants; check their website for timely updates in the weeks to come for our state and city.
  • Washington New Americans – Citizenship and “know your rights” meetings are happening across the state; they are looking for immigration attorneys, paralegals, interpreters, and general volunteers. Sign up here.
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