Immigration Advocacy Resources | February 2017  

The church is witnessing a shift in how our nation responds to refugees and immigrants and those that we welcome or ban according to their race, color, and creed. Along with various leaders from all political persuasions, Jesus-followers must stand with the vulnerable, the marginalized, and those whose voices are not being heard. Below are a few timely resources sharing how partners and trusted organizations are responding to the recent Executive Orders and some ways that we can join in around advocacy, prayer, and awareness.

• Northwest Immigrant Rights Project (NWIRP) | Refugee and immigrant families in the PNW – one resource to call is the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project (NWIRP) hotline, (1-800-445-5771), which helps provide timely, direct legal aid to those who are eligible (based on income). They are already on the scene defending folks at SeaTac and filing suits – learn more:

• Puentes | Puentes is marching and standing with those in Seattle, Tacoma, and beyond; they are present in the South Park community and the Tacoma Detention Center; for more info see their website.

• Pray for the staff at World Relief, many of whom attend Quest, and consider helping financially as funding and access are slowly taken away

Take the Matthew 25 Pledge from Sojourners

• WA Immigrant Solidarity Network | A network of partners and resources for advocating for immigrants; check their website for timely updates in the weeks to come for our state and city.

• Washington New Americans | Citizenship and “know your rights” meetings are happening across the state; they are looking for immigration attorneys, paralegals, interpreters, and general volunteers. Sign up here.

• Read about the federal lawsuit that Washington State filed against the Executive Order on immigration 

• Join the Quest Immigration and Refugee Cohort on Facebook.

• Join us for a conversation around immigration, belonging, faith, and community development with Rev. Russell Jeung on Friday, February 24 at Quest. More information and RSVP here.



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