Immerse will take Quest through the whole Bible over the course of three years using a Bible format supported by book club conversations.

We will begin our first series through this three-year journey in March, 2018.


Why Are We Doing This & What Will It Look Like?

Our 2018 theme is DEEPER. Our desire as a church is to go deeper in our discipleship and the engaging of spiritual disciplines this year. But we also want to go deeper in our relationship with Jesus as we explore who He is through the Word. Immerse isn’t simply about reading the whole Bible, but rather it’s about hearing the story of God.

Everyone who participates will spend
about 20 minutes a day
five days a week
for eight weeks
twice a year
for three years
reading through the entire Bible.
Each eight-week study has its own volumn of Scripture. We’ll be starting this program with the Messiah volumn, which will be available (for a $5 suggested donation) on February 18 and 25 at Quest. You can also purchase an Ebook if you prefer. This series through Messiah will run through March and April 2018.
In addition to the daily reading, we hope you’ll also meet in a small group with about eight people for those eight weeks. More about that below.

Who Can Participate?

The whole church! Our prayer is that as a church Body we will dig deeper into God’s Word together in their daily reading and in small groups across the Greater Seattle area.

How Can I Participate In A Group?

There are three ways to meet:
1. C-Groups | C-Groups are encouraged to take a break from their usual studies to participate in this eight-week program during their usual meeting times.
2. At Quest | Quest will be open on Wednesday nights from 7-8:30pm (from March 7-April 25). Folks who come to the church will form groups of about eight who will meet for the eight-week program.
Amplify will be joining us on Wednesday nights during their usual Amplify Midweek gathering as well.

Joining us on Wednesday nights?
Let us know!

3. Form Your Own “Immerse” Group | If you’re not in a C-Group and coming out to Quest on a Wednesday night won’t work for you, feel free to start your own group! Gather a group of about eight peoplefriends, neighbors, people you serve with on Sunday mornings, that person you just met during greeting time…anyone. It would be great if your group has some diversity of age, gender, ethnicity, culture, etc so as you read and discuss together you’ll discover new ways of hearing God’s story.  You can meet in your home, at a coffee shop, over lunch, or whatever and whenever works for you. You don’t need to know everything to lead a group; Immerse has leader guides and weekly videos to help direct your conversations HERE.

If you want to lead a group but need people to join OR if you want to join a group but don’t know enough people, we’ll have sign-ups in the back of the sanctuary through February. Stop by on a Sunday; there will be instructions for how to go about both leading a group (and getting members) and finding a group on the wall next to the sign-ups.

Leading your own group?
Let us know!

When Are We Doing This?

The reading plan starts on March 1.
Groups will start meeting the week of March 5. (Wednesday nights at Quest begin March 7.)
The plan runs through the last week of April.

Want More Information?

Questions? Email Pastor Gail at