Membership at Quest matters. It is not a system to divide the church or create elitism. It is simply our church’s response to help the church move forward in our calling to be the Church. We’re not interested in raising Quest’s membership. However, we are interested and committed to helping people be accountable to a responsible, nurturing, serving, and committed relationship with a local church.


The bottom line is simple: we believe that God desires each one of us to be committed to a network of believers who exist missionally for the Kingdom of God.

Within the Quest community, we have three groups of people that make up our community: visitors, attendees, and members. All are integral to our community. We will always welcome visitors as they come and go. Attendees are those who are investigating Quest and begin to attend regularly. Members are those who want to move ahead toward a deeper commitment.

The difference between attendees and members can be summed up in one word: commitment. We commit ourselves to a lease or mortgage. We commit to complete a training program. We commit to a lifelong partner. We commit to a contract. Membership is commitment to God’s local church.

Having said this, we know people go through different processes and journeys in their relationship with a church. We are a “grace” church. We don’t look down upon people because they’re not believers, they don’t have their own Bible, they don’t know the songs or creeds, and in this case, whether they choose to be a member or not. And yet, at Quest, it is the members that help move the church in faith. Membership is our imperfect way of being organizationally responsible without being drastically institutional. Developing some structure allows us to better enhance our relationships and our freedom in Christ and community.

Privileges & Burdens

We know commitment can be uncomfortable for some people. Without being forceful, we like to encourage people to press beyond that comfort zone and consider getting rooted with Quest. For us, it’s not a matter of hoarding a bunch of members so that we have impressive “church stats” (whatever that even means…). To that point, we’ll even remind people that they are free to move on if they feel so called. We trust in what God is doing here; the last thing we need to do is be coercive and play power games. We simply want to acknowledge that commitment and rootedness can be radically transformative ways of people who model the incarnational way of Christ.

We view ourselves as family. As is the case in every family, we know our members are not perfect people. We’re simply an imperfect family exploring and practicing the Way of Jesus, looking to be an incarnational presence in a fast-moving culture.

Again, as is the case in most families, being a member has benefits and responsibilities—being loved and loving, learning and teaching, receiving and giving, dying to self and living to God.

Journey with Quest

a | Community:

  • be part of the Quest family, journey, and ministry
  • make worshiping together a priority
  • help leadership make decisions through prayer, input, and votes

b | Receiving and giving: nurtured, encouraged, and empowered to give time, energy, gifts, finances, etc.

  • Become part of a community group
  • Hold and be held accountable in a spirit of compassion and love
  • Share creativity, gifts, and talents to the work of the church
  • Give faithfully, generously, and regularly

c | Hosting: understanding that the church exists not purely for believers but to the world

  • Embrace the concept of being a “host” on behalf of God through the church
  • Make our time and space your own — take initiative as a participant rather than a spectator
  • Seek the welfare of others

d | Living stones: knowing that God will use each of us to build the walls of the Church and God’s Kingdom

  • Every member is considered a staff member of the church and is invited to attend, serve, and give regularly, faithfully, and joyfully
  • Dream and vision along with what God is doing at Quest and beyond


  1. Attend Quest regularly.
  2. Attend a Membership Class – offered quarterly. Check our Events page for the next class.
  3. Write your faith story. (template provided after attending a Membership Class)
  4. Meet with a pastor in a meeting with other new members.
  5. Confirm baptism. Testifying and being welcomed into “the body” through baptism is part of membership. If you are not baptized, we would love for you to sign up for our next baptism service (offered twice a year). Contact Pastor Gail Song Bantum with all baptism inquiries.
  6. Be introduced as a new member to the larger membership of Questelders, deacons, staff, and other church members.