Quest Kids & Family Purpose:


Quest Mission Statement:

Love God. Love people. Make disciples of all people.


Quest Kids Vision & Mission Statement:

Quest Kids is a multi-ethnic, all-abilities, intergenerational ministry to and with children. We seek to journey together to be transformed by God’s Spirit as we follow Jesus and grow in discipleship. We are a diverse body, each created in God’s image and designed to worship God and be valued to have a place and presence in the church community.

We believe that a child’s spiritual formation begins at home and that it is the role of the church to assist parents/guardians in raising children to know and live for God. We are committed to each child’s spiritual growth throughout all aspects of our ministry. We provide a safe, nurturing environment with a structure of safety policies and volunteer accountability.

Through music, Scripture, prayer, fun, and relationships, we hope to ignite a deep love for Christ in each child we serve. In teaching the message of God’s love, salvation through Christ, and the presence of the Holy Spirit, we help kids recognize their place in the Big God Story. Quest Kids seek to love God, love other people and pursue reconciliation in the world.


  • Honest and authentic follower of Jesus
  • Seeking to grow and ready to learn
  • Possess a growing knowledge of personal weaknesses and strengths
  • Passionate about caring for kids
  • Interested in teaching and shepherding children
  • Committed to serving in a team environment
  • Complete a background check and references through the church office


  • Commit to participating in Quest Kids through school year (or summer).  Exact dates will be determined upon application review.
  • Participate in the life of Quest Church while serving as an intern.
  • Work 10-15 hours a week. This time includes training, midweek, Sunday serving, and attending church.
  • Commit to participating in the customized training program with one of the Quest Kids &  Family Ministry Staff.

Quest Kids Staff’s Commitments to You:

  1. While we have expectations and goals, we are more interested in how you are developing as a follower of Jesus and a minister than what you can do for us. We think you will be a better minister if we minister to you effectively.
  2. We will customize an internship experience around your gifts, interests, schedule, and professional goals.
  3. We will value you your input. We want you to share your ideas and creativity with regards to the Quest Kids & Family Ministry.
  4. We will provide you with focused learning/practice in specific areas of curriculum development or teaching, creating environmental learning experiences, planning special events, early childhood or elementary spiritual development, and/or organizational and administrative tasks of kids and family ministry.

Terms of Employment:

This is a volunteer internship that receives no financial compensation. Employment is contingent upon a successful background check.

Application Deadlines:

Quest Kids is currently accepting applications.

How to Apply for a Ministry Internship with Quest Kids & Family Ministry:

  1. Fill out and submit an online application.                                                                                                                                                Internship Application
  2. Provide two recommendations (one personal & one professional) submitted on your behalf.                                                           Recommendation Form


Contact our Pastor of Quest Kids and Family Ministry, Katey Hage

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