Glocal Ministries at Quest would not happen without the many congregational leaders who help serve and support various areas. Each of these teams work alongside pastoral support and many other volunteers, staff, and committed Questers.

GSET: Glocal Support and Education Team

This advisory team provides vision, education, support, and helps pray for, advocate, and encourage our church’s Glocal ministry leaders.

GAT: Glocal Action Team

This action team supports our on-the-ground ministries through outreach, development, communication, hosting special events, and praying for our ministry teams and leaders.

Glocal Ministry Interns

This one-year program equips individuals in a cohort model through assessing their calling and gifts, as well as practicing some aspect of Glocal Ministry and being in leadership alongside the GAT and pastoral leadership.

Glocal Ministry Team Leaders

The lifeblood that keep each of our ministries active and strong areas are team leaders who help facilitate the weekly, monthly or periodic events in their area.

BCC Advocates

The Bridge Care Center has a dedicated team of advocates who meet monthly to vision and support the work of The BCC alongside the Director, Josh Perme.

Learn more about Liz Mosbo VerHage, Pastor of Global and Local Ministries and check out our various Glocal Ministries.

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