We believe that relationships are more critical than anything else. We strive to bring substance and depth to relationships – people’s relationship with God, with others, and with self. All of our events are created with this focus in mind. We invite you to check out these relational opportunities.

Faith & Race Week 2

Sunday, February 19th from 1:30pm until 4:30pm
Church Sanctuary
In week 2, we will look at who the issues of faith and race matter to and how they impact different communities and people differently. African-American, Asian-American/Pacific Islander, White, and Mixed-Race/Displaced groups will break out to talk about what they need--whether it's support, training, action, rest, knowledge, safe spaces, awareness, engagement, identity, advocacy, etc. 

Please note that weeks 2 & 3 are intended for those who call Quest their home church.

A baked potato and pulled pork bar for lunch will be provided by Amplify after the 11am for donations towards their summer camp.

If you still need to register your child(ren) you can do so here.  Adults and Amplify do not need to register.

You did not need to have attended week 1 to participate in weeks 2 or 3.