There are many things a person can do alone, but being a follower of Jesus is not one of them.

Community Groups

Community is part of our identity and ethos at Quest. Community Groups (C-Groups) are the tangible expression of the truth that we are created to live and grow in community. We are both created for and called to one another in Christ. In our city, known for the “Seattle Freeze,” we are witnessing an ever-growing, transient, busy, and fast-paced culture. That’s why community is so vital. We all need it. We all hunger for it — because we are created for it.

Our desire is for our C-Groups to live out Quest’s mission:
Love God.
Love People.
Make disciples of all people.

What Do C-Groups Look Like?

C-Groups primarily meet in people’s homes throughout the week. We start our season in October and end in June, but new C-Groups can start throughout the year. Just like the early church in Acts 2, we eat together, share our lives and stories together, study the Scriptures together, pray together, eat together, serve our church and city together… Did I mention we eat together?

Join a C-Group

Start a C-Group!

C-Groups wouldn’t be possible without willing leaders to facilitate and/or host a group. We encourage new C-Groups to launch throughout the year. C-Groups can also come in all sorts of creative, different forms and fashions (e.g. Women’s/Men’s C-Groups, Downtown Lunch C-Group, Urban Hiking C-Group).

C-Group Leader Interest Form

If you have general questions about C-Groups, contact our Community Life & Formation Pastor Aaron Cho at


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