Our story is a testimony to God’s faithfulness – but it is not just for us. Our story testifies that God is at work and that it is not about our own accomplishments or successes. As we continue the journey of being church, we are committed to culture, community, cause, creativity, compassion, and above all, CHRIST.

Our ongoing story…

After three years of helping plant a church in the suburbs of Seattle (Lynnwood), Pastor Eugene and Minhee felt called to leave the suburbs and to shift from a homogenous (Asian) context to a multiethnic community. After several months in transition, they had their first gathering (11 people) in their living room. Soon thereafter, they began to lead a bible study in the U-District. As the group grew, the gathering shifted from a bible study to a Sunday worship gathering. In June 2001, they moved locations to the Interbay/Ballard area and used the facility at Interbay Covenant Church. It was during this time that conversations of joining the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) became more deliberate. Within a few months, the church (then about 30 people) joyfully joined the ECC. On October 14, 2001, Quest Church officially launched.

For the next six years, Quest continued to meet in the warehouse (which later became Q Cafe)  on the Interbay Covenant Church campus. After lots of conversations, prayers, and dialogue, Interbay Covenant Church “gave itself” to Quest and joined our community and ministry on June 2, 2007. (Watch the incredible story of the merger between Quest and Interbay HERE.)

Interbay had an amazing history of over 70 years. They built the Interbay church facilities in 1965 and purchased the warehouse in 1975. More important than the assets Interbay gifted to Quest, they brought a dynamic, beautiful community ready to join Quest and continue the journey as a new community together.

God has continued to work in and through Quest for the last 16 years. Because of our growth blessings we searched for a new church location for several years. After much prayer and discernment, our church membership voted to move forward with the purchase of a new building in the Ballard area. On September 13, 2015, we had our first worship service in our new location.

Through it all, we remain committed to continuing to journey together for the sake of the Gospel.

Q Cafe

Founded in 2002, Q Cafe was  a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-religious community coffee shop, rental space, music and arts venue designed to serve the Seattle community, particularly the Interbay, Queen Anne, Magnolia, and Ballard neighborhoods.  Upon Quest’s move to the Ballard neighborhood in September 2015, Q Cafe closed its doors after 13 wonderful years.


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