Quest is an urban, multigenerational, and multiethnic church in Seattle striving to be an incarnational presence in a postmodern and postchurch culture. We believe in one true God, the beauty and brokenness of humanity, and the hope of renewed creation. We love God, and we love people.

Act justly. Love kindness. Walk humbly.


Our vision—simple yet profound, mysterious yet plain—is to be the Church. Quest is the expression of a vision and dream of a church where truth is sought, mystery acknowledged, compassion and justice embodied, culture and arts engaged, creativity and innovation fostered, diversity and multiethnicity embraced, authenticity and community pursued, and sharing the love of Christ the great cause.


Our mission is simply to do what Christ calls us to do: to love God, love people, and to make disciples of all people.

Denomination Affiliation

We initially began as an independent church plant. In June 2001, Quest connected with a denomination called The Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC). The ECC is made up of people who resonate with our vision and mission. Currently, we receive financial, spiritual, and relational support from them. Because of our affiliation with the ECC, we are held accountable to a larger body. As a church, our commitment continues to be about building our community with character and integrity.